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USART Loopback Example for AT32UC3A0512 in AVR Simulator Documentation


This is the documentation for the data structures, functions, variables, defines, enums, and typedefs for the USART software driver.
It also comes bundled with an example. This is a basic example for use with AVR Studio 5 Simulator.
Example's operating mode:

  1. Add test_out and test_in to the Watch window
  2. Place breakpoint in usart_getchar() function
  3. The test data sent will be echoed back to the Receiver

Main Files

Compilation Information

This software is written for GCC for 32-bit AVR Other compilers may or may not work.

Device Information

All 32-bit AVR device with an USART module supported by the simulator in AVR Studio 5 can be used.

Configuration Information

This example has been tested with the following configuration:

Contact Information

For further information, visit Atmel AVR UC3.

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