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Restoring the default file system content of the Control Panel

In this scenario, you are a local user who wishes to access the Control Panel through its USB interface. You are equipped with a PC.

1) Press the joystick to switch the Control Panel to USB device mode.

  • As mentionned on the LCD on line 3 " Set as USB key ", press the joystick to switch to Mass Storage device mode.


  • Once the joystick has been pressed, you may plug a USB host to the EVK1100 board : note that the message on the LCD on line 3 has changed to "Waiting for Host"


    If the EVK1100 board was already USB-plugged to the PC, the "Waiting for Host" message will just appear briefly before the "USB Mass Storage" message is displayed (cf. picture in step 2).

2) Connect the PC to the EVK1100 board USB plug.

You can bypass this step if you've already plugged the PC to the EVK1100 board USB plug.

Use the miniB-plug-to-STD-A-plug USB cable to connect the EVK1100 board and the PC. The LCD screen line 2 and 3 should change. Line 2 of the screen(the status line) should display a blinking USB icon meaning that a USB connection is up and running. Line 3 of the screen(the menu line) should display the information string "USB Mass Storage" meaning that the Control Panel is acting as a USB Mass Storage device.


3) Access the Control Panel Mass Storage memory.

There is no menu on the EVK1100 board in this mode. The Control Panel acts as a regular USB Mass Storage key in this mode. The PC sees the Control Panel as a removable disk: it has full access to the Control Panel file system.


4) Delete the CFG and WEB directories from the Control Panel's memory


5) Copy the default versions previously stored on PC (copy/paste from PC to Control Panel)

The default WEB and CFG directories of the Control Panel are stored under the avr32/applications/evk1100-control-panel/dataflash_content directory.


Wait for the end of the copy.

6) Safely unplug the Control Panel from the PC.


7) Unplug the USB cable from the board.

To effectively leave the USB device mode, unplug the USB cable from the board or if the USB is used as the board's power supply, simply press the joystick to leave the USB device mode.

You may now do a Web server session : check the Accessing the Control Panel acting as a Web server scenario.

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