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I connected the Control Panel to my PC through USB, but the PC doesn't see the Control Panel.

You must tell the Control Panel to behave as a USB key by pressing the joystick once (cf. the default message on the LCD menu line " Set as USB key ").
Also, to leave this Mass Storage device mode, you must tell the Control Panel to do so by pressing the joystick once.

For a step-by-step description, take a look at the Accessing the Control Panel acting as a USB Mass Storage device scenario.

I connected the Control Panel to my PC through USB, and the PC tells me that the Control Panel memory is not formatted.

Format the memory with the File System set to FAT.

Note that once the Control Panel's memory has been formatted, the /WEB directory need to be restored in order to use the Control Panel's Web server: for an example on how to do that, check the Restoring the default file system content of the Control Panel scenario.
Also, if you want the logs to be saved in files, you have to create the /LOG directory: see the ShellCreatingLogDir example.

I updated the WEB server files of the Control Panel from my PC through USB. After USB disconnection, i connect to the Web server but i can clearly see that the WEB server files are not the new ones but the old version.

Before unplugging the Control Panel from the PC, it is best to safely unplug the USB device through the Windows task tray(as you would with any USB device plugged on a PC):


While the Control Panel is plugged to my PC through USB behaving as a USB key, the Web server is not reachable, and the file system commands on the shell interface are unavailable.

Indeed, your web browser will display the following information:


and each file system command will reply with the following error message:


This is normal because in this mode the Control Panel's memory "belongs" to the PC: the Control Panel is seen as a USB key from the PC's point of view; which means that the PC can at any time perform any action on the memory (including, for example, removing the /WEB directory). Thus, any read/write action from/to the Control Panel's file system memory outside the scope of the PC cannot be guaranteed. This is why the Web server cannot serve the "regular" files (it is still reachable, this is how the web browser gets the "Web server under maintenance" page) and the file system commands are unavailable.

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