Atmel Software Framework

avr32/components/memory/sdram/mt48lc16m16a2tg7e/unit_tests/unit_tests.c File Reference

Unit test functions for mt48LC16m16a2tg7 SDRAM component.

Copyright (c) 2011 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include "unit_tests.h"


void run_data_integrity_test (const struct test_case *test)
 Test the data integrity. More...

void run_data_integrity_test ( const struct test_case test)

Test the data integrity.

Tests the integrity of the entire SDRAM by filling it a sequence of incrementing 32-bit values and then verifying its content.

testCurrent test case.

References ebi_test_params::base, i, params, ebi_test_params::size, test_assert_true, test_get_data(), and tmp.

Referenced by main().