Atmel Software Framework

class/cdc/host/example/conf_usb_host.h File Reference

USB host configuration file.

Copyright (C) 2012 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include "compiler.h"
#include "uhi_cdc.h"
#include "ui.h"
#include "uart.h"
#include "main.h"


 USB Host Configuration. More...
#define USB_HOST_POWER_MAX   500
#define UHC_MODE_CHANGE(b_host_mode)   ui_usb_mode_change(b_host_mode)
 USB Host callbacks. More...
#define UHC_VBUS_CHANGE(b_present)   ui_usb_vbus_change(b_present)
#define UHC_VBUS_ERROR()   ui_usb_vbus_error()
#define UHC_CONNECTION_EVENT(dev, b_present)
#define UHC_WAKEUP_EVENT()   ui_usb_wakeup_event()
#define UHC_SOF_EVENT()   ui_usb_sof_event()
#define UHC_ENUM_EVENT(dev, b_status)   ui_usb_enum_event(dev,b_status)
#define UHI_CDC_CHANGE(dev, b_plug)
 USB Interface Configuration. More...
#define UHI_CDC_RX_NOTIFY()   uart_rx_notify()

#define UHC_CONNECTION_EVENT (   dev,
void ui_usb_connection_event(uhc_device_t *dev, bool b_present)
Notify that a USB device has been connected or disconnected.

To notify that a device has been connected or disconnected.

#define UHC_ENUM_EVENT (   dev,
)    ui_usb_enum_event(dev,b_status)

Called when a USB device configuration must be chosen. Thus, the application can choose either a configuration number for this device or a configuration number 0 to reject it. If callback not defined the configuration 1 is chosen.

Called when a USB device enumeration is completed.

#define UHC_MODE_CHANGE (   b_host_mode)    ui_usb_mode_change(b_host_mode)

USB Host callbacks.

Authorize the USB HUB support

Authorize the USB host to run in High Speed

To notify that the USB mode are switched automatically. This is possible only when ID pin is available.

#define UHC_SOF_EVENT ( )    ui_usb_sof_event()

Called for each received SOF each 1 ms. Note: Available in High and Full speed mode

#define UHC_VBUS_CHANGE (   b_present)    ui_usb_vbus_change(b_present)

To notify that the Vbus level has changed. Available only in USB hardware with Vbus monitoring.

#define UHC_VBUS_ERROR ( )    ui_usb_vbus_error()

To notify that a Vbus error has occurred. Available only in USB hardware with Vbus monitoring.

#define UHC_WAKEUP_EVENT ( )    ui_usb_wakeup_event()

Called when a USB device or the host have wake up the USB line.

#define UHI_CDC_CHANGE (   dev,

USB Interface Configuration.

Configuration of CDC interface

Referenced by uhi_cdc_enable(), and uhi_cdc_uninstall().

#define UHI_CDC_RX_NOTIFY ( )    uart_rx_notify()
#define USB_HOST_POWER_MAX   500

Maximum current allowed on Vbus (mA)


USB Host Configuration.

Array of UHI APIs Define the list of UHI supported by USB host.