Atmel Software Framework

et024006dhu_gui.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include "board.h"
#include "gui.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "delay.h"
#include "et024006dhu.h"


void gui_callback (TString textToDisplay)
 GUI Callback. More...
void gui_init (U32 fcpu_hz, U32 fhsb_hz, U32 fpbb_hz, U32 fpba_hz)
 function to configure LCD More...
static void gui_print (TString textToDisplay)
static void gui_print_default_message (void)
 function to display default message More...


unsigned short display = 0

void gui_callback ( TString  textToDisplay)

GUI Callback.

textToDisplayText to Display.

References display, gui_print(), and gui_print_default_message().

Referenced by app_engine().

void gui_init ( U32  fcpu_hz,
U32  fhsb_hz,
U32  fpbb_hz,
U32  fpba_hz 

function to configure LCD

Initialization function of the GUI interface.

References BLACK, delay_init, et024006_DrawFilledRect(), ET024006_HEIGHT, et024006_Init(), ET024006_WIDTH, gpio_set_gpio_pin(), and gui_print_default_message().

Referenced by app_engine(), com_task_init(), and main().

static void gui_print ( TString  textToDisplay)

References et024006_PrintString(), FONT6x8, i, and WHITE.

Referenced by gui_callback().

static void gui_print_default_message ( void  )

function to display default message

References BLACK, et024006_DrawFilledRect(), ET024006_HEIGHT, et024006_PrintString(), ET024006_WIDTH, FONT6x8, and WHITE.

Referenced by gui_callback(), and gui_init().

unsigned short display = 0

flag set when joystick display starts to signal main function to clear this display