Atmel Software Framework

fs.h File Reference
#include <net/fsdata_file.h>

Data Structures

struct  fs_file


int fs_open (char *name, struct fs_file *file)
 Assumes that name is NUL-terminated. More...
void fs_register_root (const struct fsdata_file *static_root, const struct fsdata_file *dyn_root)

int fs_open ( char *  name,
struct fs_file file 

Assumes that name is NUL-terminated.

References fsdata_file::cb, fs_file::data, fs_file::len, fsdata_file::name, fsdata_file::next, and NULL.

Referenced by http_recv().

void fs_register_root ( const struct fsdata_file static_root,
const struct fsdata_file dyn_root 

Register a new root/dynroot file system to be used by fs_open(). This will replace any existing file system registration.

static_rootThe static root filesystem (filenames must match exactly).
dyn_rootThe dynamic root filesystem (partial filename match possible).

Referenced by fsdata_app_enable().