Atmel Software Framework

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IMA/DVI ADPCM WAVE Streaming tool

This tool permits to send IMA/DVI ADPCM data through the serial port of a computer. It takes in parameter the IMA/DVI ADPCM encoded wav file you want to transfer and if the file is valid, it will cut the file into blocks to send them trough the serial port. The serial port used for transferring the data is the COM1 and is configured as follow: 57600 bauds, 8 bits, no parity and 1 stop bit.


To use this tool you have two different ways:

  1. You can just drag on the binary file the IMA/DVI ADPCM encoded wave file you want to transfer through the serial port.
  2. Open a command window, go to the sources directory and launch the ADPCM_IMA_DVI.exe file with an argument corresponding to the file path of the ADPCM encoded file you want to send (ADPCM_IMA_DVI.exe toto.wav)

Once the transfer is running, the software will tell you about the processing advancement and some useful data about the original wav file.


You can abort the transfer when you want by pressing a key.


All the files related to this module are located under /avr32/services/dsp/dsplib/utils/program/adpcm_streaming
In this directory you can find the source code and the binary of this module.
If you want to change the parameters of the serial port, you just have to modify the constants RS232_PORT, RS232_BAUD_RATE, RS232_BYTE_SIZE, RS232_PARITY and RS232_STOP_BIT defined at the beginning of the "main.c" file.