Atmel Software Framework

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Real Vector Visualizer

This script is used to visualize a fixed-length data buffer from the serial port formatted as follow:

1. 0.265445
2. -0.025633

All others pattern lines will be avoided and not included in the visualization. This script is useful to visualize example's results. In a nutshell, it permits to visualize data printed with the dsp16_debug_print_vect and dsp32_debug_print_vect functions.
This script is a combination of three main programs (Data Get, Data Extraction and Data Print)


The following variables can be modified in the script:

Then, once launched, the script will wait until a reset has been performed on the target (which means it will wait until the beginning of the transmission to be sure data are well synchronized).


All the files related to this module are located under /avr32/services/dsp/dsplib/utils/scripts/print_real_vect