Atmel Software Framework

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Interface with USB Host Core (UHC)

Define and functions required by UHC.


#define UHI_MSC
 Global define which contains standard UHI API for UHC. More...

Functions required by UHC

uhc_enum_status_t uhi_msc_install (uhc_device_t *dev)
void uhi_msc_enable (uhc_device_t *dev)
void uhi_msc_uninstall (uhc_device_t *dev)

#define UHI_MSC
{ \
.install = uhi_msc_install, \
.enable = uhi_msc_enable, \
.uninstall = uhi_msc_uninstall, \
.sof_notify = NULL, \
#define NULL
Definition: lwip-1.4.0/src/include/lwip/def.h:47
uhc_enum_status_t uhi_msc_install(uhc_device_t *dev)
void uhi_msc_enable(uhc_device_t *dev)
Definition: uhi_msc.c:298
void uhi_msc_uninstall(uhc_device_t *dev)
Definition: uhi_msc.c:323

Global define which contains standard UHI API for UHC.

It must be added in USB_HOST_UHI define from conf_usb_host.h file.

void uhi_msc_enable ( uhc_device_t dev)
uhc_enum_status_t uhi_msc_install ( uhc_device_t dev)
void uhi_msc_uninstall ( uhc_device_t dev)