Atmel Software Framework

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 portBASE_TYPE xCoRoutineCreate(
                                 crCOROUTINE_CODE pxCoRoutineCode,
                                 unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxPriority,
                                 unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxIndex

Create a new co-routine and add it to the list of co-routines that are ready to run.

pxCoRoutineCodePointer to the co-routine function. Co-routine functions require special syntax - see the co-routine section of the WEB documentation for more information.
uxPriorityThe priority with respect to other co-routines at which the co-routine will run.
uxIndexUsed to distinguish between different co-routines that execute the same function. See the example below and the co-routine section of the WEB documentation for further information.
pdPASS if the co-routine was successfully created and added to a ready list, otherwise an error code defined with ProjDefs.h.

Example usage:

Co-routine to be created.
 void vFlashCoRoutine( xCoRoutineHandle xHandle, unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxIndex )
Variables in co-routines must be declared static if they must maintain value across a blocking call.
This may not be necessary for const variables.
 static const char cLedToFlash[ 2 ] = { 5, 6 };
 static const portTickType uxFlashRates[ 2 ] = { 200, 400 };
Must start every co-routine with a call to crSTART();
     crSTART( xHandle );
     for( ;; )
This co-routine just delays for a fixed period, then toggles
an LED.  Two co-routines are created using this function, so
the uxIndex parameter is used to tell the co-routine which
LED to flash and how long to delay.  This assumes xQueue has
already been created.
         vParTestToggleLED( cLedToFlash[ uxIndex ] );
         crDELAY( xHandle, uxFlashRates[ uxIndex ] );
Must end every co-routine with a call to crEND();
Function that creates two co-routines.
 void vOtherFunction( void )
 unsigned char ucParameterToPass;
 xTaskHandle xHandle;
Create two co-routines at priority 0.  The first is given index 0
so (from the code above) toggles LED 5 every 200 ticks.  The second
is given index 1 so toggles LED 6 every 400 ticks.
     for( uxIndex = 0; uxIndex < 2; uxIndex++ )
         xCoRoutineCreate( vFlashCoRoutine, 0, uxIndex );