Atmel Software Framework

host_template_task.c File Reference
#include "conf_usb.h"
#include "board.h"
#include "usb_drv.h"
#include "usb_host_enum.h"
#include "usb_host_task.h"
#include "host_template_task.h"


#define LED_APPLI_1   LED_BI0_RED


void host_get_data_callback (Status_t status, U16 nb_byte)
void host_send_data_callback (Status_t status, U16 nb_byte)
void host_sof_action (void)
 host_sof_action More...
void host_template_task (void)
 High-level host applicative task entry point Put here the code of your host application. More...
void host_template_task_init (void)
 This function initializes the high-level host application. More...


static U8 buf [64]
static volatile U8 busy
static U8 pipe_in
static U8 pipe_out
static U16 sof_cnt
volatile bool tpl_new_device_connected


Referenced by host_template_task().

#define LED_APPLI_1   LED_BI0_RED

void host_get_data_callback ( Status_t  status,
U16  nb_byte 

References busy, and PIPE_GOOD.

void host_send_data_callback ( Status_t  status,
U16  nb_byte 
void host_template_task ( void  )
void host_template_task_init ( void  )

This function initializes the high-level host application.

Here initialize specific hardware resources requirements.

References buf, busy, configTSK_USB_HTP_NAME, configTSK_USB_HTP_PRIORITY, configTSK_USB_HTP_STACK_SIZE, host_template_task(), i, NULL, sof_cnt, tpl_new_device_connected, and xTaskCreate.

Referenced by main().

U8 pipe_in
U8 pipe_out

Referenced by host_template_task().