Atmel Software Framework

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UC3 A0/A1 Documentation


This documentation has been automatically generated, and documents the source code found in the Atmel Software Framework (ASF).


ABDAC - Audio Bitstream DAC
ADC - Analog to Digital Converter
AT42QT1060 - UC3 A/B implementation
AT45DBX DataFlash (from ASF ver. 1)
Atmel QTouch Library 4.4 for QTouch Method in AVR UC3 devices
Calendar functionality
Chip Reset Cause Access - UC3 implementation
CPU Cycle Counter
CPU Reset Cause
Debug macros and functions
Delay routines
DLMALLOC - Dynamic memory allocation
DSP - Digital signal processing library - Source
EBI Static Memory Controller (SMC)
EIC - External Interrupt Controller
External oscillator frequency detection
FAT file system with unicode support
FIFO - First-In-First-Out circular buffer
FLASHC - Flash Controller
Generic board support
GFX Color - Color Graphic Library
GFX Color - System Font
GPIO - General-Purpose Input/Output
IJG JPEG Decoder
INTC - Interrupt Controller
Interrupt management - UC3 implementation
IOPORT - General purpose I/O service
LCD - ILI9341 Display Controller
LCD Display - DIP204B-4ORT01
LCD Display - ET024006DHU
LodePNG PNG Decoder
MACB - Ethernet MAC
maXTouch - mXT143E Controller
MEMBAG Memory Bag Allocator
Memory Control Access Interface
Mono Audio PWM DAC
MPU - Memory Protection Unit
MS3 Audio Codec
NVM - Non volatile memory access
PDCA - Peripheral DMA Controller
PM Power Manager- UC3 A0/A1/A3/A4/B0/B1 implementation
PolarSSL - Small Cryptographic and SSL/TLS Library
PWM - UC3 A/B implementation
QT1081 QTouch sensor
QT60168 16-key QMatrix touch sensor
QTouch Sensor with I2C interface
Resistive Touch driver
RTC - Real Time Counter
SD/MMC card access using SPI
SD/MMC stack on SPI interface
Sensors - ATAVRSBIN1 Sensor Board
Sensors - Sensor Device Stack - UC3 implementation
Serial I/O - Host using UART
Serial I/O - Host using USB
Serial I/O - NCP Using UART
Sleep manager - UC3 implementation
SPI - Common USART SPI Master
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
SSC - Synchronous Serial Controller (I2S)
Standard serial I/O (stdio) - UC3 implementation
System Clock Control - UC3 A implementation
TC - Timer/Counter
TPA6130A2 Audio Amplifier Component - UC3 A0/A1 implementation
TWI - Two-Wire Interface
TWI - Two-Wire Interface - UC3 A/B implementation
Unit test framework - UC3 implementation
USART - Serial interface - UC3 implementation
USART - Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USART Debug strings
USB Composite Device
USB Device CDC
USB Device CDC Standard I/O (stdio)
USB Device HID generic
USB Device HID keyboard
USB Device HID mouse
USB Device Mass Storage Class
USB Device Vendor Class
USB Host Android Accessory Class
USB Host Communication Device Class
USB Host HID mouse
USB Host Mass Storage Class
USB Host Multiple classes
USB Host Vendor
Virtual Memory in RAM
WAV decoder
WDT Watchdog Timer - UC3 A0/A1/A3/A4/B0/B1 implementation


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