Atmel Software Framework

lwip-port-1.3.2/at32uc3/sys_arch.c File Reference
#include "lwip/debug.h"
#include "lwip/sys.h"
#include "lwip/opt.h"
#include "lwip/stats.h"

Data Structures

struct  TimeoutlistPerThread


#define SYS_ARCH_BLOCKING_TICKTIMEOUT   ((portTickType)10000)


u32_t sys_arch_mbox_fetch (sys_mbox_t mbox, void **msg, u32_t timeout)
u32_t sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch (sys_mbox_t mbox, void **msg)
sys_prot_t sys_arch_protect (void)
u32_t sys_arch_sem_wait (sys_sem_t sem, u32_t timeout)
struct sys_timeoutssys_arch_timeouts (void)
void sys_arch_unprotect (sys_prot_t pval)
void sys_init (void)
void sys_mbox_free (sys_mbox_t mbox)
sys_mbox_t sys_mbox_new (int size)
void sys_mbox_post (sys_mbox_t mbox, void *msg)
err_t sys_mbox_trypost (sys_mbox_t mbox, void *msg)
void sys_sem_free (sys_sem_t sem)
sys_sem_t sys_sem_new (u8_t count)
void sys_sem_signal (sys_sem_t sem)
sys_thread_t sys_thread_new (char *name, void(*thread)(void *arg), void *arg, int stacksize, int prio)


static u16_t NbActiveThreads = 0
static struct TimeoutlistPerThread Threads_TimeoutsList [SYS_THREAD_MAX]
volatile unsigned portLONG ulCriticalNesting

#define SYS_ARCH_BLOCKING_TICKTIMEOUT   ((portTickType)10000)

u32_t sys_arch_mbox_fetch ( sys_mbox_t  mbox,
void **  msg,
u32_t  timeout 
u32_t sys_arch_mbox_tryfetch ( sys_mbox_t  mbox,
void **  msg 
sys_prot_t sys_arch_protect ( void  )
u32_t sys_arch_sem_wait ( sys_sem_t  sem,
u32_t  timeout 
void sys_arch_unprotect ( sys_prot_t  pval)
void sys_mbox_free ( sys_mbox_t  mbox)

References SYS_MBOX_NULL, and vQueueDelete().

sys_mbox_t sys_mbox_new ( int  size)

References SYS_MBOX_NULL, and xQueueCreate().

void sys_mbox_post ( sys_mbox_t  mbox,
void *  msg 
err_t sys_mbox_trypost ( sys_mbox_t  mbox,
void *  msg 

References ERR_MEM, ERR_OK, errQUEUE_FULL, and xQueueSend.

void sys_sem_free ( sys_sem_t  sem)

References SYS_SEM_NULL, and vQueueDelete().

void sys_sem_signal ( sys_sem_t  sem)

References xSemaphoreGive.

sys_thread_t sys_thread_new ( char *  name,
void(*)(void *arg thread,
void *  arg,
int  stacksize,
int  prio 

u16_t NbActiveThreads = 0
struct TimeoutlistPerThread Threads_TimeoutsList[SYS_THREAD_MAX]
volatile unsigned portLONG ulCriticalNesting