Atmel Software Framework

lwip_setup.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  net_cfg


int start_ip_stack (struct net_cfg *cfg, struct ip_addr ipaddr, struct ip_addr netmask, struct ip_addr gw)

int start_ip_stack ( struct net_cfg cfg,
struct ip_addr  ipaddr,
struct ip_addr  netmask,
struct ip_addr  gw 

Start the IP stack. If cfg->netif must have been allocated and lwip_init() must have been called before this function is called (since the IP stack may have to be polled before this function can be called).

References ASSERT, dhcp_coarse_tmr_cb(), net_cfg::dhcp_enabled, dhcp_fine_tmr_cb(), etharp_tmr_cb(), ip_tmr_cb(), net_cfg::netif, netif_add(), netif_set_default(), NULL, tcp_tmr_cb(), TIMEOUT_PERIODIC, timer_sched_timeout_cb(), and wlif_init().

Referenced by wl_init_complete_cb().