Atmel Software Framework

services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/device/user_interface/controller/qt1081_controller.c File Reference
#include "board.h"
#include "qt1081.h"
#include "controller.h"


void controller_init (uint32_t fcpu_hz, uint32_t fhsb_hz, uint32_t fpbb_hz, uint32_t fpba_hz)
 Initialization function of the controller interface. More...
bool is_joystick_down (void)
 check if down is pressed. More...
bool is_joystick_left (void)
 check if left is pressed. More...
bool is_joystick_pressed (void)
 check if pressed is pressed. More...
bool is_joystick_right (void)
 check if right is pressed. More...
bool is_joystick_up (void)
 check if up is pressed. More...

void controller_init ( uint32_t  fcpu_hz,
uint32_t  fhsb_hz,
uint32_t  fpbb_hz,
uint32_t  fpba_hz 

Initialization function of the controller interface.

fcpu_hzCPU frequency.
fhsb_hzHSB frequency.
fpbb_hzPBB frequency.
fpba_hzPBA frequency.
bool is_joystick_down ( void  )

check if down is pressed.

bool is_joystick_left ( void  )

check if left is pressed.

bool is_joystick_pressed ( void  )

check if pressed is pressed.

bool is_joystick_right ( void  )

check if right is pressed.

bool is_joystick_up ( void  )

check if up is pressed.