Atmel Software Framework

S_usb_hid_descriptor Struct Reference

USB HID Descriptor.

#include <usb_descriptors.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t bcdHID
 HID Class Specification release number. More...
uint8_t bCountryCode
 Hardware target country. More...
uint8_t bDescriptorType
 HID descriptor type. More...
uint8_t bLength
 Size of this descriptor in bytes. More...
uint8_t bNumDescriptors
 Number of HID class descriptors to follow. More...
uint8_t bRDescriptorType
 Report descriptor type. More...
uint16_t bscHID
uint16_t wDescriptorLength
uint16_t wItemLength
 Total length of Report descriptor. More...

uint16_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bcdHID

HID Class Specification release number.

uint8_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bCountryCode

Hardware target country.

uint8_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bDescriptorType

HID descriptor type.

uint8_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bLength

Size of this descriptor in bytes.

uint8_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bNumDescriptors

Number of HID class descriptors to follow.

uint8_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bRDescriptorType

Report descriptor type.

uint16_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::bscHID
uint16_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::wDescriptorLength
uint16_t S_usb_hid_descriptor::wItemLength

Total length of Report descriptor.