Atmel Software Framework

avr32_acc_t Struct Reference

Set of computed data.

#include <lis3l06al.h>

Data Fields

xyz_t m
 3-axis adc measures More...
struct {
   unsigned char   down:1
 flip backward state More...
   unsigned char   left:1
 flip over to the left state More...
   unsigned char   right:1
 flip over to the right state More...
   unsigned char   topdown:1
 top-down state More...
   unsigned char   up:1
 flip forward state More...
 Angle direction states. More...
xyz_t k
 Required to decide slow or fast. More...
xyz_t ak
 acceleration = m - k More...
int ak2
 length = sumsq(ak) More...
xyz_t g
 optional (for fast moves) More...
xyz_t ag
 acceleration = m - g More...
int ag2
 length = sumsq(ag) More...
xyz_t s
 speed = sum(a) More...
int s2
 length = sumsq(s) [with sumsq = x*x + y*y + z*z] More...

xyz_t avr32_acc_t::ag

acceleration = m - g

Referenced by acc_update().

int avr32_acc_t::ag2

length = sumsq(ag)

xyz_t avr32_acc_t::ak

acceleration = m - k

Referenced by acc_update(), is_acc_abs_angle_x(), and is_acc_abs_angle_y().

int avr32_acc_t::ak2

length = sumsq(ak)

Referenced by acc_update(), and is_acc_slow().

unsigned char avr32_acc_t::down

flip backward state

Referenced by is_acc_down().

xyz_t avr32_acc_t::g

optional (for fast moves)

gravity = ( 0 , 0 , 1g )

Referenced by acc_update().

xyz_t avr32_acc_t::k

Required to decide slow or fast.

zero point = ( 0 , 0 , 0 )

Referenced by acc_update().

unsigned char avr32_acc_t::left

flip over to the left state

Referenced by is_acc_left().

struct { ... } avr32_acc_t::pos

Angle direction states.

Referenced by is_acc_down(), is_acc_left(), is_acc_right(), is_acc_topdown(), and is_acc_up().

unsigned char avr32_acc_t::right

flip over to the right state

Referenced by is_acc_right().

xyz_t avr32_acc_t::s

speed = sum(a)

Referenced by acc_update().

int avr32_acc_t::s2

length = sumsq(s) [with sumsq = x*x + y*y + z*z]

unsigned char avr32_acc_t::topdown

top-down state

Referenced by is_acc_topdown().

unsigned char avr32_acc_t::up

flip forward state

Referenced by is_acc_up().