Atmel Software Framework

twi_options_t Struct Reference

Input parameters when initializing the twi module mode.

#include <twi.h>

Data Fields

char chip
 The desired address. More...
unsigned long pba_hz
 The PBA clock frequency. More...
unsigned long speed
 The baudrate of the TWI bus. More...

char twi_options_t::chip

The desired address.

Referenced by main(), and twi_slave_init().

unsigned long twi_options_t::pba_hz

The PBA clock frequency.

Referenced by init_twi(), main(), twi_init(), twi_master_init(), and twi_master_setup().

unsigned long twi_options_t::speed

The baudrate of the TWI bus.

Referenced by init_twi(), main(), and twi_master_init().