Atmel Software Framework

Communication port information.

Data Fields

usb_cdc_line_coding_t conf
 Current port configuration (baudrate,...) More...
usb_ep_t ep_comm_in
 Interrupt IN endpoint from CDC-COMM interface. More...
uint8_t iface_comm
 USB CDC-COMM interface number. More...
uint8_t iface_data
 USB CDC-DATA interface number. More...
uhi_cdc_line_t line_rx
 RX line information. More...
uhi_cdc_line_t line_tx
 TX line information. More...

usb_cdc_line_coding_t uhi_cdc_port_t::conf

Current port configuration (baudrate,...)

Referenced by uhi_cdc_getc(), uhi_cdc_putc(), uhi_cdc_set_conf(), and uhi_cdc_write_buf().

usb_ep_t uhi_cdc_port_t::ep_comm_in

Interrupt IN endpoint from CDC-COMM interface.

Referenced by uhi_cdc_install().

uint8_t uhi_cdc_port_t::iface_comm

USB CDC-COMM interface number.

Referenced by uhi_cdc_install(), uhi_cdc_set_conf(), and uhi_cdc_set_ctrl_line().

uint8_t uhi_cdc_port_t::iface_data

USB CDC-DATA interface number.

Referenced by uhi_cdc_install().