Atmel Software Framework

thirdparty/hd/example/util/printf-stdarg.c File Reference
#include <stdarg.h>


#define PAD_RIGHT   1
#define PAD_ZERO   2
#define PRINT_BUF_LEN   12


static void printchar (char **str, int c)
static int printi (char **out, int i, int b, int sg, int width, int pad, int letbase)
int printk (const char *format,...)
int printk_va (char **out, const char *format, va_list args)
static int prints (char **out, const char *string, int width, int pad)
int sprintf (char *out, const char *format,...)

#define PAD_RIGHT   1

Referenced by printk_va(), and prints().

#define PAD_ZERO   2

Referenced by printi(), printk_va(), and prints().

#define PRINT_BUF_LEN   12

Referenced by printi().

static void printchar ( char **  str,
int  c 

References board_putchar(), and c.

Referenced by printi(), printk_va(), and prints().

static int printi ( char **  out,
int  i,
int  b,
int  sg,
int  width,
int  pad,
int  letbase 

References b, i, PAD_ZERO, PRINT_BUF_LEN, printchar(), prints(), s, and width.

Referenced by printk_va().

int printk_va ( char **  out,
const char *  format,
va_list  args 

Referenced by printk(), and sprintf().

static int prints ( char **  out,
const char *  string,
int  width,
int  pad 

References PAD_RIGHT, PAD_ZERO, printchar(), and width.

Referenced by printi(), and printk_va().