Atmel Software Framework

time_tick_uc3.c File Reference

Time tick for UC3.

Copyright (c) 2012 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include "asf.h"
#include "time_tick.h"


uint32_t time_tick_calc_delay (uint32_t tick_start, uint32_t tick_end)
 Calculate the delay (ms) between two ticks. More...
uint32_t time_tick_get (void)
 Get current time tick. More...
void time_tick_init (void)
 Initialize for 1ms time tick. More...

uint32_t time_tick_calc_delay ( uint32_t  tick_start,
uint32_t  tick_end 

Calculate the delay (ms) between two ticks.

tick_startStart tick number.
tick_endEnd tick number.
the timing in ms between the both ticks

References cpu_cy_2_ms(), and sysclk_get_cpu_hz().

Referenced by main_test_memory().

uint32_t time_tick_get ( void  )

Get current time tick.

References Get_system_register.

Referenced by main_test_memory().

void time_tick_init ( void  )

Initialize for 1ms time tick.

true if initialization is OK, else false.

Referenced by main().