Atmel Software Framework

tpa6130.c File Reference
#include "pdca.h"
#include "abdac.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "intc.h"
#include "board.h"
#include "tpa6130.h"
#include "conf_tpa6130.h"
#include "audio.h"
#include "twim.h"


#define BRIDGE_TIED_LOAD   0x20
#define DUAL_MONO_HP   0x10
#define HIZ_L   0x80
#define HIZ_R   0x40
#define HP_EN_L   0x80
#define HP_EN_R   0x40
#define MUTE_L   0x80
#define MUTE_R   0x40
#define STEREO_HP   0x00
#define SW_SHUTDOWN   0x01
#define THERMAL   0x02
#define TPA6130_CONTROL   0x1
#define TPA6130_CONTROL_DEFAULT   0x00
#define TPA6130_I2C_ADDRESS_VERSION   0x4
#define TPA6130_MAX_VOLUME   0x3F
#define TPA6130_OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE   0x3
#define TPA6130_VOLUME_AND_MUTE   0x2
#define TWI_READ_HW   0
#define TWI_READ_SR   1
#define VERSION   0x02


 ISR (tpa6130_abdac_tx_pdca_int_handler, TPA6130_ABDAC_PDCA_IRQ_GROUP, TPA6130_ABDAC_PDCA_INT_LEVEL)
void tpa6130_dac_decrease_volume (void)
 Decreases the output volume of the amplifier by one step. More...
void tpa6130_dac_flush (void)
 Flushes the sample buffer being output to the ABDAC. More...
uint8_t tpa6130_dac_get_volume (void)
 Returns the current volume of the DAC. The volume is in the range 0 - 255. More...
void tpa6130_dac_increase_volume (void)
 Increases the output volume of the amplifier by one step. Stops at the maximum volume and thus does not wrap to the lowest volume. More...
bool tpa6130_dac_is_volume_boosted (void)
 Returns the state of the boost mode of the DAC. More...
bool tpa6130_dac_is_volume_muted (void)
 Returns the state of the mute mode of the DAC. More...
void tpa6130_dac_mute (bool mute)
 No more audio if input is true. More...
bool tpa6130_dac_output (void *sample_buffer, size_t sample_length)
 Outputs a sample buffer to the DACs. The input requires a sample buffer that consists of words (32-bit) which contain two (16-bit) samples, one for each channel. More...
void tpa6130_dac_set_volume (uint8_t volume)
 Set the volume of the DAC. More...
void tpa6130_dac_setup (uint32_t sample_rate_hz, uint8_t num_channels, uint8_t bits_per_sample, bool swap_channels, void(*callback)(uint32_t arg), uint32_t callback_opt, uint32_t pba_hz)
 Sets the DACs up with new settings. More...
void tpa6130_dac_start (uint32_t sample_rate_hz, uint8_t num_channels, uint8_t bits_per_sample, bool swap_channels, void(*callback)(uint32_t arg), uint32_t callback_opt, uint32_t pba_hz)
 Starts the ABDAC. More...
void tpa6130_dac_stop (void)
 Stops the ABDAC and puts the amplifier in low power mode. Additionally it sets all used pins to the GPIO state. The counter part of this function is tpa6130_dac_start(...) More...
int8_t tpa6130_get_volume (void)
 Gets the current volume settings. More...
int8_t tpa6130_init (void)
 Probes and initializes the amplifier. Probes the TWI bus for the amplifier by using the slave address specified in the configuration (TPA6130_TWI_ADDRESS). If the device responds with an ACK the version register is read out and compared to the valid versions (TPA6130_VERSION). Last step is to set volume to 0, unmute and set the configuration specified in the conf_tpa6130.h file (stereo, mono ..). More...
void tpa6130_powerup (void)
 Powers up the amplifier from low power mode. More...
static uint8_t tpa6130_read_data (uint8_t reg, bool shadow)
 Reads data from a register. The shadow parameter is used to specify if the data should be read from a driver internal register shadowing or directly from the device. More...
void tpa6130_set_volume (int8_t volume)
 Sets the volume of the amplifier. Valid values are between 0 (min -59dB) and 63 (max 4dB) although the function takes care of any values higher than that by setting it to max. A volume of 0 will mute both channels. Any other value will unmute them. More...
void tpa6130_shutdown (void)
 Shuts down the amplifier and sets it into low power mode. This is the software low power mode described in the datasheet. More...
static void tpa6130_write_data (uint8_t reg, uint8_t data)
 Writes data to a register. More...


static const gpio_map_t TPA6130_ABDAC_GPIO_MAP
struct {
   void(*   callback )(uint32_t arg)
   uint32_t   callback_opt
   uint8_t   num_channels
struct {
   uint8_t   control
   uint8_t   i2c_address_version
   uint8_t   output_impedance
   uint8_t   volume_and_mute
 Driver internal shadow register set. More...

#define BRIDGE_TIED_LOAD   0x20
#define DUAL_MONO_HP   0x10
#define HIZ_L   0x80
#define HIZ_R   0x40
#define HP_EN_L   0x80

Referenced by tpa6130_init().

#define HP_EN_R   0x40

Referenced by tpa6130_init().

#define STEREO_HP   0x00
#define SW_SHUTDOWN   0x01
#define THERMAL   0x02
#define TPA6130_CONTROL   0x1
#define TPA6130_CONTROL_DEFAULT   0x00
#define TPA6130_I2C_ADDRESS_VERSION   0x4

Referenced by tpa6130_init().

#define TPA6130_MAX_VOLUME   0x3F
#define TPA6130_OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE   0x3
#define TPA6130_VOLUME_AND_MUTE   0x2
#define TWI_READ_HW   0
#define TWI_READ_SR   1

Referenced by tpa6130_get_volume().

#define VERSION   0x02

Referenced by tpa6130_init().

static uint8_t tpa6130_read_data ( uint8_t  reg,
bool  shadow 

Reads data from a register. The shadow parameter is used to specify if the data should be read from a driver internal register shadowing or directly from the device.

regRegister index.
shadowRead from device (shadow=false) or from shadowed register (shadow=true).

References twi_package_t::chip, data, tpa6130_shadow_regs, TPA6130_TWI_ADDRESS, and twi_master_read().

Referenced by tpa6130_get_volume(), tpa6130_init(), tpa6130_powerup(), and tpa6130_shutdown().

static void tpa6130_write_data ( uint8_t  reg,
uint8_t  data 

Writes data to a register.

regRegister index. Use the defines in this file.
dataRegister data. Macros from this file can be used to ease writing to the bitfields.

References twi_package_t::chip, tpa6130_shadow_regs, TPA6130_TWI_ADDRESS, twi_master_write(), and TWI_SUCCESS.

Referenced by tpa6130_dac_mute(), tpa6130_init(), tpa6130_powerup(), tpa6130_set_volume(), and tpa6130_shutdown().

void(* callback)(uint32_t arg)
uint32_t callback_opt
uint8_t control
uint8_t i2c_address_version
uint8_t num_channels
uint8_t output_impedance
const gpio_map_t TPA6130_ABDAC_GPIO_MAP
Initial value:
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:75
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:71
#define TPA6130_DATA0_FUNCTION
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:69
#define TPA6130_DATA1_FUNCTION
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:73
#define TPA6130_DATAN0_PIN
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:70
#define TPA6130_DATA0_PIN
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:68
#define TPA6130_DATA1_PIN
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:72
#define TPA6130_DATAN1_PIN
Definition: services/usb/_asf_v1/class/audio/examples/host/conf/conf_tpa6130.h:74
struct { ... } tpa6130_output_param
Initial value:
.num_channels = 0,
.callback = NULL,
.callback_opt = 0,
#define NULL
Definition: lwip-1.4.0/src/include/lwip/def.h:47

Referenced by ISR(), tpa6130_dac_mute(), tpa6130_dac_output(), tpa6130_dac_setup(), and tpa6130_dac_stop().

struct { ... } tpa6130_shadow_regs
Initial value:
.volume_and_mute = TPA6130_VOLUME_AND_MUTE_DEFAULT,
.output_impedance = TPA6130_OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE_DEFAULT,
.i2c_address_version = TPA6130_I2C_ADDRESS_VERSION_DEFAULT,
Definition: tpa6130.c:73
Definition: tpa6130.c:74
Definition: tpa6130.c:70
Definition: tpa6130.c:72

Driver internal shadow register set.

Referenced by tpa6130_init(), tpa6130_read_data(), and tpa6130_write_data().

uint8_t volume_and_mute