Atmel Software Framework

wl_cm.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <wl_api.h>


typedef void( cm_conn_cb_t )(struct wl_network_t *net, void *ctx)
typedef void( cm_disconn_cb_t )(void *ctx)
typedef void( cm_scan_cb_t )(void *ctx)


wl_err_t wl_cm_set_network (struct wl_ssid_t *ssid, struct wl_mac_addr_t *bssid)
 Set the desired network which the connection manager should try to connect to. More...
wl_err_t wl_cm_start (cm_scan_cb_t scan_cb, cm_conn_cb_t conn_cb, cm_disconn_cb_t disconn_cb, void *ctx)
 Doesn't actually start the CM, just initializing. More...

typedef void( cm_conn_cb_t)(struct wl_network_t *net, void *ctx)
typedef void( cm_disconn_cb_t)(void *ctx)
typedef void( cm_scan_cb_t)(void *ctx)