Atmel Software Framework

aes.c File Reference

AVR XMEGA Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) driver.

Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include <aes.h>


void aes_configure (enum aes_dec decrypt, enum aes_auto auto_start, enum aes_xor xor_mode)
 AES control register settings. More...
void aes_get_key (t_key key_out)
 Get key memory. More...
void aes_isr_configure (enum aes_intlvl intlvl)
 AES interrupt settings. More...
void aes_read_outputdata (t_data data_out)
 Get state memory. More...
void aes_set_callback (aes_callback_t callback)
 Set AES interrupt callback function. More...
void aes_set_key (t_key key_in)
 Load key memory. More...
void aes_write_inputdata (t_data data_in)
 Load state memory. More...
 ISR (AES_INT_vect)
 ISR for AES. More...


static aes_callback_t aes_callback = NULL
 AES interrupt callback function pointer. More...

ISR ( AES_INT_vect  )

ISR for AES.

Calls the callback function when enabled interrupt is triggered.

References aes_callback.

aes_callback_t aes_callback = NULL

AES interrupt callback function pointer.

Referenced by aes_set_callback(), and ISR().