Atmel Software Framework

classb_sram.c File Reference

SRAM test based on the March X algorithm.

Application note:
AVR1610: Guide to IEC60730 Class B compliance with XMEGA

Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include <asf.h>
#include "classb_sram.h"
#include "error_handler.h"
 Buffer for temporary storage of SRAM sections during test. More...
void classb_sram_test (void)
 Execute March X test on one memory section at a time. More...
void classb_march_x (register volatile uint8_t *p_sram, register volatile uint8_t *p_buffer, register uint16_t size)
 Run March X algorithm on specified memory range. More...