Atmel Software Framework

dma.c File Reference

AVR XMEGA Direct Memory Access Controller driver.

Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include <compiler.h>
#include <status_codes.h>
#include <sleepmgr.h>
#include <sysclk.h>
#include <dma.h>


void dma_channel_read_config (dma_channel_num_t num, struct dma_channel_config *config)
 Read DMA channel configuration from hardware. More...
void dma_channel_write_config (dma_channel_num_t num, struct dma_channel_config *config)
 Write DMA channel configuration to hardware. More...
void dma_disable (void)
 Disable DMA controller. More...
void dma_enable (void)
 Enable DMA controller. More...
static void dma_interrupt (const dma_channel_num_t num)
 Common DMA channel interrupt handler. More...
void dma_set_callback (dma_channel_num_t num, dma_callback_t callback)
 Set callback for given DMA channel. More...
 ISR (DMA_CH0_vect)
 DMA channel 0 interrupt handler. More...


struct dma_data_struct dma_data [DMA_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS]
 DMA private data for each channel. More...

static void dma_interrupt ( const dma_channel_num_t  num)

Common DMA channel interrupt handler.

Calls the channel callback with the channel status code. The following status codes are possible:

  • DMA_CH_TRANSFER_COMPLETED: Transfer completed successfully
  • DMA_CH_TRANSFER_ERROR: Fault in transfer

The optional callback used by the interrupt handler is set by the dma_set_callback() function.

numDMA channel number to handle interrupt for

References callback, dma_data, dma_get_channel_address_from_num, dma_get_channel_status(), and status.

Referenced by ISR().

ISR ( DMA_CH0_vect  )

DMA channel 0 interrupt handler.

References dma_interrupt().

struct dma_data_struct dma_data[DMA_NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS]

DMA private data for each channel.

Referenced by dma_interrupt(), and dma_set_callback().