Atmel Software Framework

fattime.c File Reference

Implementation of low level disk I/O module skeleton for FatFS.

Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include <compiler.h>
#include <calendar.h>
#include <rtc.h>


uint32_t get_fattime (void)
 Current time returned is packed into a uint32_t value. More...

uint32_t get_fattime ( void  )

Current time returned is packed into a uint32_t value.

The bit field is as follows:

bit31:25 Year from 1980 (0..127)

bit24:21 Month (1..12)

bit20:16 Day in month(1..31)

bit15:11 Hour (0..23)

bit10:5 Minute (0..59)

bit4:0 Second (0..29)

Current time.

References calendar_timestamp_to_date(), calendar_date::date, calendar_date::hour, calendar_date::minute, calendar_date::month, rtc_get_time(), calendar_date::second, and calendar_date::year.

Referenced by f_mkdir(), f_open(), and f_sync().