Atmel Software Framework

hw_timer.c File Reference

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Atmel Corporation.

All rights reserved.

#include <compiler.h>
#include <parts.h>
#include "tc.h"
#include "hw_timer.h"
#include "sysclk.h"
#include "common_hw_timer.h"
#include "conf_hw_timer.h"




void restore_cpu_interrupt (uint8_t flags)
 to restore saved interrupts status More...
uint8_t save_cpu_interrupt (void)
 to save current interrupts status More...
void tc_cca_callback (void)
 hw timer compare callback More...
void tc_ovf_callback (void)
 hw timer overflow callback More...
void tmr_disable_cc_interrupt (void)
 to disable compare interrupt More...
void tmr_disable_ovf_interrupt (void)
 to disable overflow interrupt More...
void tmr_enable_cc_interrupt (void)
 to enable compare interrupt More...
uint8_t tmr_init (void)
 to initialiaze hw timer More...
uint16_t tmr_read_count (void)
 read the actual timer count from register More...
void tmr_stop (void)
 to stop the running timer More...
void tmr_write_cmpreg (uint16_t compare_value)
 to load compare value in channel compare register More...


Referenced by tmr_init().

void restore_cpu_interrupt ( uint8_t  flags)

to restore saved interrupts status

savedinterrupt status

References cpu_irq_restore().

uint8_t save_cpu_interrupt ( void  )

to save current interrupts status

References cpu_irq_save().

void tc_cca_callback ( void  )

hw timer compare callback

References tmr_cca_callback().

Referenced by tmr_init().

void tc_ovf_callback ( void  )

hw timer overflow callback

References tmr_ovf_callback().

Referenced by tmr_init().

void tmr_disable_cc_interrupt ( void  )

to disable compare interrupt

References TC_CCA, tc_clear_cc_interrupt(), TC_INT_LVL_OFF, and tc_set_cca_interrupt_level().

void tmr_disable_ovf_interrupt ( void  )

to disable overflow interrupt

References tc_clear_overflow(), TC_INT_LVL_OFF, and tc_set_overflow_interrupt_level().

void tmr_enable_cc_interrupt ( void  )

to enable compare interrupt

References TC_CCA, tc_clear_cc_interrupt(), TC_INT_LVL_HI, and tc_set_cca_interrupt_level().

uint16_t tmr_read_count ( void  )

read the actual timer count from register

References tc_read_count().

void tmr_stop ( void  )

to stop the running timer

References tc_disable().

void tmr_write_cmpreg ( uint16_t  compare_value)

to load compare value in channel compare register

References TC_CCA, and tc_write_cc().