Atmel Software Framework

pb_pairing.h File Reference

Declarations of API functions to access push button pairing functionality.

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include "rf4ce.h"
#include "zid.h"


typedef void(* pbp_org_pair_confirm_cb_t )(nwk_enum_t Status, uint8_t PairingRef)
typedef void(* pbp_rec_pair_confirm_cb_t )(nwk_enum_t Status, uint8_t PairingRef)


bool pbp_allow_pairing (nwk_enum_t Status, uint64_t SrcIEEEAddr, uint16_t OrgVendorId, uint8_t OrgVendorString[7], uint8_t OrgUserString[15], uint8_t KeyExTransferCount)
 Allow pairing from application; target use. More...
bool pbp_org_pair_request (uint8_t OrgAppCapabilities, dev_type_t OrgDevTypeList[3], profile_id_t OrgProfileIdList[7], dev_type_t SearchDevType, uint8_t DiscProfileIdListSize, profile_id_t DiscProfileIdList[7], FUNC_PTR confirm_cb)
 Originator push pairing request; controller use. More...
bool pbp_rec_pair_request (uint8_t RecAppCapabilities, dev_type_t RecDevTypeList[3], profile_id_t RecProfileIdList[7], FUNC_PTR confirm_cb)
 Recipient pair request; target use. More...

typedef void(* pbp_org_pair_confirm_cb_t)(nwk_enum_t Status, uint8_t PairingRef)
typedef void(* pbp_rec_pair_confirm_cb_t)(nwk_enum_t Status, uint8_t PairingRef)