Atmel Software Framework

per_mode_common_utils.c File Reference

Common utilities for both Initiator and Receptor in PER Measurement mode - Performance Analyzer application.

Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Atmel Corporation. All rights reserved.

#include <stdio.h>
#include "tfa.h"
#include "tal.h"
#include "tal_internal.h"
#include "tal_constants.h"
#include "tal_helper.h"
#include "app_frame_format.h"
#include "app_init.h"
#include "perf_api.h"
#include "perf_api_serial_handler.h"




void app_reset (void)
void config_per_test_parameters (void)
 Function to set trx configure parameters. More...
void configure_pkt_stream_frames (uint16_t frame_len)
 Configure the frame to be used for Packet Streaming. More...
void dump_trx_register_values (uint16_t start_reg_addr, uint16_t end_reg_addr)
 Read a set of registers. More...
void led_blinker_timer_handler_cb (void *parameter)
 Timer Callback function if identify command is received on air by a node in reflector configuration. More...
void pkt_stream_gap_timer (void *parameter)
 Timer used in Packet Streaming Mode to add gap in between consecutive frames. More...
void pktstream_test (uint16_t gap_time, uint16_t timeout, bool start_stop, uint16_t frame_len)
 This function initiates packet streaming test. More...
void read_trx_registers (uint16_t reg_addr)
 Stop sending a CW signal on current channel page. More...
float reverse_float (const float float_val)
 The reverse_float is used for reversing a float variable for supporting BIG ENDIAN systems. More...
void rx_on_test (bool start_stop_param)
 This function is called to initiate the RX_ON test The transceiver is put into the RX_ON mode and no requests are handled until this mode is stopped. More...
void stop_pkt_streaming (void *parameter)
 This function is called to abort the packet streaming mode inprogress. More...
void write_trx_registers (uint16_t reg_addr, uint8_t reg_val)
 write Transceiver registers More...


static uint8_t cc_band_ct
static uint8_t cc_number_ct
trx_config_params_t curr_trx_config_params
bool cw_ack_sent
uint8_t cw_start_mode
uint16_t cw_tmr_val
trx_config_params_t default_trx_config_params
uint8_t last_tx_power_format_set
bool peer_found
uint8_t pkt_buffer [LARGE_BUFFER_SIZE]
uint32_t pkt_stream_gap_time
bool pulse_mode
bool rdy_to_tx
bool remote_cw_start
bool remote_pulse_cw_start
bool remote_serial_tx_failure
bool rx_on_mode


uint8_t cc_band_ct
uint8_t cc_number_ct
uint8_t last_tx_power_format_set

Referenced by perf_set_req().

uint8_t pkt_buffer[LARGE_BUFFER_SIZE]