Atmel Software Framework

spi_master.c File Reference
#include "spi_master.h"
#include "sysclk.h"


void spi_deselect_device (SPI_t *spi, struct spi_device *device)
 Deselect given device on the SPI bus. More...
void spi_master_init (SPI_t *spi)
 Initializes the SPI in master mode. More...
void spi_master_setup_device (SPI_t *spi, struct spi_device *device, spi_flags_t flags, uint32_t baud_rate, board_spi_select_id_t sel_id)
 Setup a SPI device. More...
status_code_t spi_read_packet (SPI_t *spi, uint8_t *data, size_t len)
 Receive a sequence of bytes from a SPI device. More...
void spi_select_device (SPI_t *spi, struct spi_device *device)
 Select given device on the SPI bus. More...
status_code_t spi_write_packet (SPI_t *spi, const uint8_t *data, size_t len)
 Send a sequence of bytes to a SPI device. More...

void spi_master_setup_device ( SPI_t *  spi,
struct spi_device device,
spi_flags_t  flags,
uint32_t  baud_rate,
board_spi_select_id_t  sel_id 

Setup a SPI device.

The returned device descriptor structure must be passed to the driver whenever that device should be used as current slave device.

spiBase address of the SPI instance.
devicePointer to SPI device struct that should be initialized.
flagsSPI configuration flags. Common flags for all implementations are the SPI modes SPI_MODE_0 ... SPI_MODE_3.
baud_rateBaud rate for communication with slave device in Hz.
sel_idBoard specific select id

References Assert, spi_xmega_set_baud_div(), and sysclk_get_cpu_hz().

Referenced by at25dfx_spi_init(), hx8347a_interface_init(), ili9341_interface_init(), ssd1306_interface_init(), st7565r_interface_init(), and trx_spi_init().