Atmel Software Framework

thirdparty/wireless/avr2102_rf4control/apps/zid/serial_if/main.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <asf.h>
#include "conf_board.h"
#include "common_sw_timer.h"
#include "serial_api.h"
#include "app_config.h"
#include "pb_pairing.h"


static void app_alert (void)
bool check_zid_adaptor_compatibility (uint8_t PairingRef, uint8_t payload_length, uint8_t *payload)
 FLASH_DECLARE (uint16_t VendorIdentifier)
 FLASH_DECLARE (uint8_t vendor_string[7])
 FLASH_DECLARE (uint8_t app_user_string[15])
 FLASH_DECLARE (uint8_t supported_cec_cmds[32])
int main (void)
 Main function, initialization and main message loop. More...
bool pbp_allow_pairing (nwk_enum_t Status, uint64_t SrcIEEEAddr, uint16_t OrgVendorId, uint8_t OrgVendorString[7], uint8_t OrgUserString[15], uint8_t KeyExTransferCount)
 Allow pairing from application; target use. More...
void zid_indication_callback_init (void)
 This function does the initialization of the zid indication functions. More...

static void app_alert ( void  )
bool check_zid_adaptor_compatibility ( uint8_t  PairingRef,
uint8_t  payload_length,
uint8_t *  payload 
FLASH_DECLARE ( uint16_t  VendorIdentifier)
FLASH_DECLARE ( uint8_t  vendor_string[7])
FLASH_DECLARE ( uint8_t  app_user_string[15])
FLASH_DECLARE ( uint8_t  supported_cec_cmds[32])
int main ( void  )