Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

DSPLIB 32-bit fixed-point operators example Documentation


This example demonstrates how to use the 32-bit fixed point operators functions.
To visualize the result, you may use a terminal configured as described in the section Configuration Information.
Through this page, you can access the DSP Library documentation.

Compilation Information

This software is written for GNU GCC for 32-bit AVRs and for IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel 32-bit AVRs. Other compilers may or may not work.

Device Info

All 32-bit AVR devices with a USART module can be used. This example has been tested with the following setup:

  • EVK1100 evaluation kit,
  • EVK1101 evaluation kit.

Configuration Information

This example has been tested with the following configuration:

  • CPU clock: 12 MHz;
  • USART1 connected to a PC serial port via a standard RS232 DB9 cable;
  • PC terminal settings:
    • 9600 bps,
    • 8 data bits,
    • no parity bit,
    • 1 stop bit,
    • no flow control.