Atmel Software Framework

Bug Tracker

Release ASF-3.38.0

Our bug tracking tool is located here:


We target to fix all bugs reported as fast as possible. To ensure that you can determine if there are bugs related to the code you have decided to use you can visit our bug tracking tool.

Here you can report both bugs you find and enhancements that you would like to see. You will also be able to vote on enhancements already in reported to put them higher on our priority list: ASF is for the users and we need your input to know what you want us to add.

Also you will be able to see what fixes we have planned for in our next release.

How to report a bug/enhancement?

Some bugs might have already been fixed before you report it. So you might want to search for the related entries first before reporting an issue or an enhancement.

1. The best way is to search for the module related to the bug/enhancement you intent to report. Use the search field on top of this page to locate the module.

2. Select the appropriate entry in the dynamic table of the search page. Look in the "Bugs / enhancements list" section if there are related reports. Note: if this section does not show up, it means that no known bugs or enhancements are related to this module.

3. If you cannot find a related report for this module, click on the appropriate link from the "Links" section to report the bug or enhancement. This process will pre-fill the report with related information to help us locate the misbehaving module.

Bugs/Enhancements related to a module