Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

Power Manager (PM)

This is a stub on the AVR UC3 Power Manager(PM) for the sleepmgr service.

To minimize the code overhead, these functions do not feature interrupt-protected access since they are likely to be called inside interrupt handlers or in applications where such protection is not necessary. If such protection is needed, it must be ensured by the calling code.


#define AVR32_PM_SMODE_DEEPSTOP   0x00000004
 Sets the MCU in the specified sleep mode. More...


static void pm_sleep (int sleep_mode)

#define AVR32_PM_SMODE_DEEPSTOP   0x00000004

Sets the MCU in the specified sleep mode.

sleep_modeSleep mode to set.

Referenced by pm_sleep().

static void pm_sleep ( int  sleep_mode)