Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

SAMC20 Documentation


This documentation has been automatically generated, and documents the source code found in the Microchip Advanced Software Framework (ASF).


AC - Analog Comparator (Callback APIs)
ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter (Polled APIs)
AT30TSE75X Temperature Sensor
BOD - Brown Out Detector
CCL - Configurable Custom Logic
CRC-32 calculation
CRC32 - 32-bit cyclic redundancy check
Delay routines
DIVAS - Divide and Square Root Accelerator (No Overload APIs)
DMAC - Direct Memory Access Controller
EEPROM Emulator Service
Ethernet Physical Transceiver (ksz8851snl)
EVSYS - Event System with interupt hooks support
EXTINT - External Interrupt (Callback APIs)
FatFS file system
FREQM - Frequency Meter (Callback APIs)
Generic board support
GFX Monochrome - Menu System
GFX Monochrome - Monochrome Graphic Library
GFX Monochrome - Spinner/Spin control widget
GFX Monochrome - System Font
Interrupt management - SAM implementation
Memory Control Access Interface
NVM - Non-Volatile Memory
PAC - Peripheral Access Controller
PORT - GPIO Pin Control
Read While Write EEPROM Emulator Service
RTC - Real Time Counter in Calendar Mode (Callback APIs)
RTC - Real Time Counter in Count Mode (Polled APIs)
SD/MMC stack on SPI interface
SERCOM I2C - Slave Mode I2C (Callback APIs)
SERCOM SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface (Master Mode, Vectored I/O)
SERCOM SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface (Polled APIs)
SERCOM USART - Serial Communications (Polled APIs)
Smart Card
SSD1306 OLED controller
Standard serial I/O (stdio)
SYSTEM - Clock Management for SAMC20/C21
SYSTEM - I/O Pin Multiplexer
TC - Timer Counter (Callback APIs)
TCC - Timer Counter for Control Applications (Polled APIs)
Unit test framework - SAM0 implementation
USART - Serial interface- SAM implementation for devices with only USART
WDT - Watchdog Timer (Polled APIs)


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