Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

SAMG Documentation


This documentation has been automatically generated, and documents the source code found in the Microchip Advanced Software Framework (ASF).


ADC - Analog-to-digital Converter
AT25DFx SerialFlash
BLE-Find Me Locator Profile
CAN - SN65HVD234 Transceiver
CHIPID - Chip Identifier
CMCC - Cortex M Cache Controller
CRCCU - Cyclic Redundancy Check Calculation Unit
Delay routines
Display - HX8347A LCD Controller
Display - ILI9325 LCD Controller
Display - ILI93xx LCD Controller
EEFC - Enhanced Embedded Flash Controller
FatFS file system
FIFO - First-In-First-Out circular buffer
Flash - SAM Flash Service API
FLEXCOM - Flexible Serial Communication Controller
FreeRTOS - PDC Interface Layer
FreeRTOS - SPI Interface Layer
FreeRTOS - TWI Interface Layer
FreeRTOS - TWIHS Interface Layer
FreeRTOS - UART Interface Layer
FreeRTOS - USART Interface Layer
Generic board support
GPBR - General Purpose Backup Register
GPIO - General purpose Input/Output
I2SC - Inter-IC Sound Controller
Interrupt management - SAM implementation
IOPORT - General purpose I/O service
MATRIX - Bus Matrix
MEM2MEM - Memory to Memory
MEMBAG Memory Bag Allocator
Memory Control Access Interface
PDC - Peripheral DMA Controller Example
PDMIC - Pulse Density Modulation Interface Controller
PIO - Parallel Input/Output Controller
PMC - Power Management Controller
QTouch Sensor with I2C interface
RSTC - Reset Controller
RTC - Real Time Clock
RTT - Real Time Timer
SD/MMC stack on SPI interface
Serial I/O - Host using UART
Sleep manager - SAM implementation
SPI - Common USART SPI Master and Standard SPI
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
SSD1306 OLED controller
Standard serial I/O (stdio) - SAM implementation
SUPC - Supply Controller
System Clock Control - SAMG implementation
TC - Timer Counter
TWI - Two-wire Interface
TWI - Two-Wire Interface - SAM implementation
TWI - Two-wire Interface High Speed
TWIHS - Two-Wire Interface High Speed- SAM implementation
UART - Univ. Async Rec/Trans
Unit test framework - SAM implementation
USART - Serial interface - SAM implementation for devices with both UART and USART
USART - Univ. Syn Async Rec/Trans
USB Composite Device
USB Device CDC
USB Device HID generic
USB Device HID keyboard
USB Device HID mouse
USB Device HID multi-touch
USB Device Mass Storage Class
USB Device Vendor Class
USB Host Android Accessory Class
USB Host Communication Device Class
USB Host HID mouse
USB Host Mass Storage Class
Virtual Memory in RAM
WDT - Watchdog Timer
WINC1500 (Wi-Fi) Host Driver v19.5.4 - SAMG53 implementation
WINC3400 (Wi-Fi) Host Driver v1.2.2 - SAMG55 implementation


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